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When your customers search for your business’s products or services, will they find you? If your answer is “I don’t know” or “probably not” you probably need to up your SEO game. Trebletree loves showing our clients how to optimize their websites and tap into the power of SEO.

SEO is an ongoing tactic that will help your customers find you when they search online. Whether you are completely dependent on organic search or you want to help your paid media dollars go further, Trebletree will provide strategy and implementation to help you reach your goals.

Are you part of a franchise, cooperative or multi-location business? Be sure to check out our Franchise SEO Services page.

Services: SEO
Services: SEO

Trebletree SEO Solutions


Identify and address technical issues that are hurting your rankings.


Find content opportunities and create SEO-friendly content for your site.


Optimize content to get more organic traffic.


Focus on consistent improvement over time.


Our SEO Process

Strategy and execution backed by data.

SEO is equal parts art and science. Our process uses data to fuel a creative strategy for getting your website noticed online. Through a series of in-depth audits, we’ll identify the most impactful optimizations for your site providing you with a plan that we can help you execute. 

Technical Audit

There’s much more to a website than what you see. We’ll look at what you see, the front end, and what you don’t, the back end, to provide a thorough analysis of your website and identify key areas for SEO improvement.

Reviews 150+ data points across 9 essential categories:

  • Site Accessibility & Sitemaps
  • Site Usability & Navigation
  • URL Structure
  • On-Page Mark-up (SEO Tags)
  • Structured Data
  • Content Quality
  • Page Speed
  • Link Analysis
  • Social Integration
Keyword Audit & Opportunities

Our keyword audit & opportunity report compiles and analyzes data from a variety of sources to outline the current ranking profile and identify keyword opportunities use to develop new content and optimize existing pages.

We’ll look at what your competitors, how you stack up, and how you can compete better in organic search.

Content Audit

Our comprehensive Content Audit goes through a deep analysis of all the content on your site to identify areas for improvement. We’ll also dig into your keyword rankings and review any targeted keywords you’re not ranking for to create a full content plan.

SEO Implementation

Based on our audits and research, we’ll create a plan to implement changes aimed at increasing your ranking and visibility. You may decide to take on these tasks or we can help you with the implementation. We recommend repeating audits yearly to identify any new technical issues and future opportunities.

Services: SEO

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