Get to Know Trebletree

We’re creative and have a genuine love for all things digital. Our passion is helping businesses understand and harness the power of organic digital marketing. We also like to have fun.

Sure, we’re organized, we meet our deadlines, and we get the work done, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun while we’re doing it. While we understand that everyone doesn’t love digital as much as we do, we’re sure that you’ll love it a little bit more after you work with us.  

Each client and project we work on is unique so we enjoy getting to know our clients. The more we can understand about you and your brand, the better. What makes you tick? What are your biggest pet peeves? We want to hear it. We take the time to learn about you and your business to make sure our partnership works. 

When it comes to digital, we believe the beauty is in the details. It’s not just about a pretty website or some fun social graphics for us; it’s about a complete digital presence that works.  At Trebletree, we make organic digital work for your brand with complete digital strategies, brand development, compelling content and stunning visuals. Whether you’re a small business that needs a full organic strategy, you just need refresh of your digital presence, or you’re an agency that needs a little help with execution, Trebletree offers customized strategies and services to help your business grow.  

Trebletree Founders

people in sitting in front of rectangular wooden table

Lauren Busby

SEO Geek & Website Warrior

As Trebletree’s coolest geek, Lauren thrives on creating websites that look beautiful and perform. She knows the ins and outs of the backend of WordPress like the back of her own hand. Digging into data and finding just the right keywords to target may sound tedious to some, but Lauren always rises to the challenge. And don’t even try to launch a slow website when Lauren’s on watch.  

Outside of work, Lauren enjoys many activities that raise her awesome level. She loves to explore, hike, rock climb, and enjoy time with the cutest kids on the planet – Ian and Isla. Lauren also loves to discover new breweries and coffee shops. In fact, if she weren’t so good at digital, she’d probably own a brewery or coffee shop. Maybe someday.  

While the outdoors are always calling, Lauren also has a love for the city, probably from her time spent in Boston for college. A graduate of Simmons University, she spent time exploring the city and knows all the back ways to beat the traffic. If you’re going to Boston, you definitely want her to drive.  

You know she’s cool, but there’s more. Lauren has over 10 years of Digital Marketing experience. She’s worked with companies large and small to optimize websites, increase sales and create organic strategies that generate results. She is Conductor Searchlight Legend Certified (that means she’s wicked smart when it comes to SEO) and continues to learn and keep her SEO skills on point.   

Megan Michelakos

Word Wizard and Reputation Defender

As Trebletree’s resident copywriter and social media strategist, Megan loves using words to help tell your brand’s story and drive traffic. You may never notice her attention to SEO as she expertly weaves keywords into beautifully written content. When it comes to your online reputation, she’s got an arsenal of weapons to help you defend your brand. With an ability to develop creative solutions, Megan’s not one to shy away from an obstacle. Just try her! 

In addition to her work life, Megan’s got some pretty cool hobbies. She loves the outdoors, particularly in winter. If she’s not writing and there’s snow on the ground, she’s probably skiing. When the snow melts, Megan is very sad, but she won’t let that get her down for long. She’ll kill time in those non-snow months with hiking, biking, golfing, traveling and generally spending as much time outdoors as possible. Good thing she lives in New Hampshire where all of these activities are just a short drive away.  

A graduate of the University of Georgia, Megan can sometimes be caught barking instead of cheering. And just watch out if she sees a random stranger with Georgia Bulldogs gear on. There will definitely be an enthusiastic exchange of “Go Dawgs!” And yes, while Megan is normally a stickler for proper spelling and grammar, she’s confident that D.A.W.G.S is the correct spelling.  

Now for the boring stuff. With over 10 years of Public Relations, Social Media and Content Marketing experience, Megan’s got the skill set needed to help businesses succeed in a digital world. She’s a blogger, copywriter, creative director, digital publisher, social media strategist and much, much more. She’s seen digital marketing and social media grow and evolve over her career and enjoys keeping up with the everchanging trends in the digital world.

people in sitting in front of rectangular wooden table